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Holiday Gift Card Drive Update

This past winter, we launched a brand-new Holiday Gift Card Drive benefiting women and children at Family Promise and victims of sexual and domestic violence at Safe Avenues. Our Holiday Gift Card Drive began November 18, 2020, and ended December 31, 2020.

The generosity of our community once again shone brightly!

Dollars Raised

Our amazing donors gifted about $1,000 worth of gift cards during our Drive. People in need at both Family Promise and Safe Avenues were able to put much of it to good use right away.

For example, one particular family at Family Promise was so grateful for the timing of these gift cards. Their newborn baby needed care from the neonatal hospital unit and the gift cards helped get them through such a difficult time.

Our staff at WACF has a few remaining gift cards in a safe space for future needs that arise.

Why a Gift Card Drive?

You may recall that we decided on a year-end drive because of the conversations we've had with our local partner organization, Safe Avenues. The staff at Safe Avenues work directly with victims of sexual exploitation so they understand how exploitation impacts friends and neighbors here in the community.

These conversations have also brought to light the importance of providing trauma informed care to victims of exploitation as well as domestic and sexual violence survivors. It's critical that those in need receive help in a way that doesn't further traumatize them. Providing gift cards for basic needs helped Safe Avenues and Family Promise better assist families in crisis in a way that protects them with a trauma-informed care approach.

Thank you for your generosity in helping out families in need!

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