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What is VAWA/VOCA and how does it impact my community?

Minnesota's domestic and sexual violence programs are facing the possibility of extremely large cuts in federal funding. In short, the funding for the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) may be switched from "general funds" to the Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) which would mean a 30-50% reduction of funding over two years.* 

This will directly impact the work of local non-profits that assist exploitation victims, such as Safe Avenues, in many ways. Essentially, decreased funding ultimately means fewer resources for victims of exploitation. 

You can help! 

We need your voice. Ask your elected officials to protect this critical funding for exploitation victims in our communities.  Your support can make a difference for our friends and neighbors who have been or are being exploited and need help. Contact your federal, state and local representatives to let them know how important VAWA is to our community and programs such as Safe Avenues.

Below is a downloadable template* for you to customize and send to your representatives. The template will help you by providing some talking points that you may use in phone calls, letters and emails.


You may also wish to provide the contact information for Jen Johnson, Executive Director of Safe Avenues, in your letter or phone call. Direct your representatives to contact Jen at Safe Avenues for questions and tours by calling: 320-235-0475.

If you would like assistance locating contact information of the federal, state and local officials that represent you, click here.

Your voice is needed and appreciated!

*Information from and downloadable template adapted from Violence Free Minnesota.

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