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Committee Member Spotlight: Hallie Johnson

About Hallie Johnson

Hallie grew up in Plymouth, MN receiving her Economics degree at Saint Ben’s following with her Master of Healthcare Administration from the University of Minnesota. Hallie is the current Director of Business Development for CarrisHealth in addition to being the owner of Green Lake Dental with her husband, Dr. Kirby Johnson. While Hallie is not originally from the area, she has always had roots here as her grandparents reside in Spicer. Hallie and Kirby, along with their children, Crosby, Graham and Reese, moved to the area in 2015 and continue to enjoy all the opportunity and sense of community the lakes area has to offer.

Involvement with the Willmar Area Women’s Fund

As the newly appointed chair-elect of the Willmar Areas Women’s Fund, Hallie joined as a committee member in 2019. After becoming a new member of the community, she quickly learned of the history and work of the Women’s Fund and felt a strong desire to be a part of a greater movement that helped victims of sexual exploitation. As Hallie is skilled in critical thinking, process and quality improvement and has strong relationship building skills, she has strategically helped the committee rethink the process and communication of the WAWF’s work during the pandemic along with how we continue to connect to our donors and supporters. Hallie has also helped our committee better understand the healthcare industry and the impact of trauma informed care training for our professionals.

Other Organizations that Hallie supports

In addition to her work with the Women’s Fund, Hallie is extremely active with other organizations in the area. This includes being the Vice President and Treasurer for the Bethesda Foundation, a council member of Faith Lutheran Church and being an active supporter of the Carris Health Foundation, Green Lake Ministries, The Link and Safe Avenues.

Why Hallie is committed to WAWF

Hallie is a believer of local. Local people, local visions, local investments. She believes in the power of local leaders and experts, fueling their work and watching the impact they make right here at home, helping our kids, our neighbors. Hallie continues to strive to help build a strong, safe community in addition to wanting to enrich the lives of those who live in our area. We are so grateful to have Hallie’s time, talent and passion a part of the Willmar Area Women’s Fund. We thank her for expertise, dedication and service!

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