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Introducing: Dave & Vicki Henle

Volunteers and donors (like you!) are at the heart of our work here at the Willmar Area Women's Fund.

With each edition of our e-newsletter, we are shining a spotlight on one of our Steering Committee members to recognize the many ways they make the community a thriving, vibrant place to call home.

This month, we have the opportunity to learn more about two of our awesome volunteers: Dave and Vicki Henle.

About Dave & Vicki

Vicki refers to herself as a semi-retired educator, as she has worked for 36 years in Special Education and Early Childhood Education. She works part-time in community outreach and family engagement at Jefferson Learning Center in Willmar. In her spare time, Vicki loves to garden, cook and travel. She generously shares her cooking skills with others and she loves to meet people and hear their stories during her travels.

Dave is a Commercial Lender at Heritage Bank and a committee member of the New London Spicer Area Community Fund (NLSAF). On his days off he can be found outdoors lakeside, digging in the dirt or on the boat. He’s also been known to enjoy a good Netflix series and is a charter member of Vicki’s “dining club.”

He and Vicki both believe in working to protect women and children. Dave was not only supportive when Vicki joined the Willmar Area Women’s Fund (WAWF), but he also joined in on campaigning for WAWF.

Henles' Involvement with the Women's Fund

The Henles, as parents of four children, wanted to make a difference in the lives of their own children as well as the children of our community. They believe in leading by example, both by donating and through their active efforts in furthering the mission of the Willmar Area Community Foundation (WACF) and the WAWF.

Both Vicki and Dave began as volunteer campaigners for the Women’s Fund and became two of the most effective advocates and supporters for the work of the WAWF. Vicki’s passion eventually led to being asked to join the WAWF as a Steering Committee Member after campaigning with our annual Caring for Women Campaign. Vicki now serves as a member in addition to being a part of the messaging and marketing committee. She loves anything hands on – whatever gets her involved and sharing the WAWF mission. This includes presenting on behalf of the Women’s Fund and being a part of projects like the recent holiday gift card drive.

Other Organizations that Dave & Vicki Help

In addition to their work with WACF and WAWF, Dave and Vicki have both been active with other community organizations. They volunteer with Hope for our City food distribution, The Link and various programs at our Lady of Lakes Catholic Church, to name just a few. Vicki says that luckily, they both have the same desire to share their time and gifts with others--it feels so good!

What Keeps Them Involved

Vicki has enjoyed the opportunity to grow and collaborate with other women and community partners with common goals. This is what keeps her involved with the Women’s Fund.

We are so lucky to count Dave and Vicki as members of our family of volunteers!

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